Meet Our Founder & Staff

Dr. Laurie Redfield,
Founder, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Executive Director and Therapist

Dr. Laurie Redfield has been working with children, adolescents and families since 1985 and has been in private practice since 2006. She completed her under graduate degree at the University of Southern Maine and earned her masters in clinical social work from Boston University in 1997. In 2014, Dr. Redfield earned her doctoral degree in neuro psychotherapy and advanced clinical skills in social work from the University of Tennessee.

Throughout her career, Dr. Redfield has worked in the areas of residential care facilities, the therapeutic foster care system, government agencies, community mental health outpatient agencies, and several different school systems from public to private institutions. 

She started her career on the ground level In New Jersey working with inner-city boys from New York City, Newark and Philadelphia as a childcare worker in a residential care facility for males. Over the years she worked her way to supervisor, then to director of programs and eventually moved on to serve as director of mental health for a private international school before founding her own private practice. Dr. Redfield has served on the boards of directors for a variety of health agencies and organizations.  

Dr. Redfield provides supervision to the professionals at A Life's Compass as well as to local area professionals in the mental health and case management fields. 

A Life’s Compass, PLLC was created in 2018 at 9 Marston Street, Norway, Maine from a private practice founded by Dr. Laurie Redfield in 2006. A provisional license was issued in June of 2018 with the State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services to provide outpatient mental health and children’s case management services. In 2019 a license review of the agency was conducted and a two year license was issued to provide services.

“On the continuum of growth and love of learning, my goal strives to bring the new information and knowledge back to the children, adolescents and families I work with at the agency. Providing for best practices, I decided to expand my private practice to the status of agency. Building the agency is a passion for me. I am interested in finding and bringing on other passionate talented professionals in the area of mental health and child case management to help work the children, adolescents and families in the Western Hills area and surrounding towns of Maine.” Dr. Laurie Redfield

Lee-Anna Hopper

Targeted Case Manager/Office Manager

Lee-Anna Hopper-Rutter is a college student who is in the process of obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Mental Health and Human Services. Lee-Anna began working in the mental health field as a DLS support staff working with adults in their homes. Lee-Anna then went on to work as a Behavioral Health Professional (BHP ) working with children. Lee-Anna has worked as a Children’s Case Management Assistant for over 2 years. Lee-Anna has recently taken on the role of Office Manager as well as continuing her assistive work with the agency’s Case Managers. Lee-Anna is eager to learn as much about the Mental Health field as she possibly can while she finishes obtaining her degree. Lee-Anna wants to utilize what knowledge and experience she already has to help support the Case Managers and their client’s at ALC to ensure everyone's experience is pleasant and positive.  Lee-Anna hopes that in her new role as Office Manager she can help keep the agency organized and ensure everyone who comes into the office has their needs met to their satisfaction.

Erica Johnson

Office Assistant 

Erica Johnson has been with A Life’s Compass since August 2020. Erica has brought her expertise to the team and is sharing her knowledge in billing, streamlining processes and integrating best practices. Erica is a second degree Reiki practitioner working toward her master certificate. Erica is also working toward becoming a Notary Public. She enjoys hiking, rock digging, sewing and alternative healing therapies. Erica lives with her husband and Grommit the cat.


Jessica Riseman

Targeted Case Manager 

Jessica Riseman began her education at Central Maine Community College. She went on to receive her bachelor’s degree in social work from the University of Southern Maine in 2017. While obtaining her degree,  Jessica worked in numerous group homes as a direct care professional.  Jessica also worked at a comprehensive living center as an activity coordinator for an Alzheimer’s unit. Both of these positions provided Jessica significant insight into the world of case management and mental health. As a new children’s case manager, she is ready to utilize her educational and professional experiences to help navigate and support the needs of her clients.

Danielle Atter

Targeted Case Manager

I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up until my daughter received the diagnosis of severe Autism. From that day on, I dove into reading anything and everything to her needs met and to advocate for her. Eventually I realized that I wanted to help others in the same ways that I am helping my own child. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mental Health and Human Services from UMA and obtained a MHRT/C. Now at A Life's Compass, PLLC I can provide others with the case management service I would expect for my own child.

Jo-Ellen Strout, MHRTC 
Adult Case manager/Adult Behavioral Health Homes Coordinator/Adult CM Manager

Jo-Ellen reached a certain age and found that although she loved being in management for 20 years, she felt unfulfilled and found herself soul searching. She found that the part of her life that gave her the most happiness was helping others, and that she was the go-to person for family, co-workers and friends when they needed assistance. This led her to enroll herself at CMCC and graduated in 2017 with her AA and MHRTC. She started her new endeavors working at DHHS. However, she did not find her calling until she excepted a position at Oxford County Mental Health Services where she spent over 3 years as an Adult Case Manager and BHH Care Coordinator.

In the spring of 2020, she accepted a new position at A Life’s Compass where she was kindly welcomed on board as a Case Manager/ Adult Case Manager Manager. Due to her experience in business startup she has taken on the task of adding new services to the list of services offered at A Life’s Compass including Adult Case Management and BHH Care Coordination Services. Jo-Ellen is eager to use her educational and professional experiences to help navigate and support the needs of Adult Case managers and clients.

Kayla Gleason 
Targeted Case Manager

Kayla Gleason graduated with her Bachelors Degree in 2012. She always knew she wanted to help people, but was not exactly sure what that looked like. Kayla has prior experience in working with children and youth as a BHP at  Androscoggin Learning & Transition Center and at Connections for Kids. Kayla’s most recent job experience was working as the CPPC Coordinator at Community Concepts. Kayla is working towards her License in Social Work and is certified as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Kayla has over a decade of experience with working with children, youth, and families. Kayla is looking forward to meeting clients and helping support their individual needs. 

Jamie Shead 
Targeted Case Manager

Jamie Shead has been working with children and families for over 10 years. She has newly joined A Life’s Compass team. She has been a Peace Corps volunteer working in Africa with those living in extreme poverty. She brings a nonjudgmental outlook to her work. She also enjoys helping fellow veterans. This semester she will finish her master’s degree in public health. She believes in supporting individuals and their families in challenging times.

Amy L. Manchester 
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Amy brings almost 25 years of mental health and intellectual disabilities experience, with individuals and families. She has provided services in a multitude of settings including, Adult and children’s residential treatment, Child Protective Casework, Community Outreach, Crisis Stabilization, and Clinical Based Services. Amy has her BA in Social and Behavioral Sciences from the University of Southern Maine and her Masters of Social Work from the University of New England. 

Alyssa Morrison, LMSW-CC
Conditionally Licensed Master Social Worker


Alyssa Morrison is a seasoned social worker who has worked across a variety of settings within the field of human services for the last seventeen years. Alyssa received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Southern Maine and Master’s degree in Social Work from Syracuse University. She is a native of Maine and has a clear understanding of the local community’s barriers and strengths. The last seven years Alyssa has worked with children and families either in their homes or the school setting. In this capacity she provided counseling and support to assist children and families in developing the strength and resiliency needed to overcome the socioeconomic challenges and other life barriers impacting a life of mental, emotional, and social wellness. She is now pursuing her dream to become an independent clinician under the supervision of Dr. Redfield. Establishing genuine, trusting relationships with others is core to her practice and she is always eager to learn and grow in her profession.

Therapy Dog
Jack Is a 2 year old Shetland and Yorkshire terrier.  Jack is our therapy dog who has been coming to the office since he was 3 months old. He likes to give kisses, eat cookies and get belly rubs. He also likes to sit in your lap and just be patted. He is a good source of comfort when you need it the most.