Case Management

Case management services are services provided by  qualified professionals to support in medical, social, educational and other needs (including housing and transportation) of eligible clients. We identify the services necessary to meet those needs and facilitate access to those services.

Adult and Children's Case management will consist of an intake process including an assessment of needs for the child/adult and develop a plan of care including the parents’ input, coordination and advocacy, and monitoring and evaluation of the process to ensure the child/adult is meeting their goals, readjusting as needs may change and additional services are required. 


The targeted case manager is an integral part of the helping process which is based on the foundation of a good relationship with the parents and child And Case Manager and You. Every effort is made to ensure there is a good fit. If the relationship is not a good fit, the parent/client has the right to request a different case manager and every effort will be made to find a good match.


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We aim to help

clients develop an awareness

as to where

they are in

the present